Jonathan “JC” Chmura

Senior Producer

JC joined Game Circus in Oct 2021, bringing 15 years of career experience from within the videogames industry, while consistently demonstrating the ability to motivate and lead cross-functional teams, and influence an organization by encouraging a positive and collaborative work environment.

A lifelong passion for videogames and technology provided the motivation to work hard at establishing a career in game development, game publishing, and gaming hardware development.

Before joining Game Circus, JC cultivated his career talents working for Hasbro Interactive, Infogrammes, Atari, Creat Studios, Seven45 Studios, First Act, and Brainshark.

Either working from within a large industry publisher, or a small start-up development team, JC brings a broad range of skills and dedication to providing positive team leadership, successful project management, and taking an active role in organizational communication.