Mahdad Ansari


Executive Producer

Mahdad provides leadership on our production front at Game Circus.  He spends his time coordinating content & resource planning on our projects and leading the production team in managing our live development sprints.

Mahdad started in the flight simulation industry in 1993 before joining Paradigm Entertainment to develop console games in 1996.   He has held leadership and management roles at Paradigm, Atari, THQ and Zynga.

Mahdad was a member of the production team at Zynga Dallas, where he helped develop, launch and support live content delivery for Castleville’s 7+ million players in 2011.   He started developing mobile games in 2012, and is especially drawn to mobile’s rapid development cycles, robust business model,and potential for growth on quality of content and user experience.

Some of Mahdad’s title credits include Castleville, Stuntman: Ignition, Terminator 3: Redemption, Mission Impossible: Operation, Big Air Freestyle, MX Rider, Duck Dodgers and Aero Fighers Assault.