Brick Breaker Hero

Brick Breaker Hero! is easy to learn and fun to play, fans! Let's take a look at the basics, and then move on to some more advanced tactics!

First and foremost, open up the game and hit play! You'll see the mundane origins of our hero, and get ready for the first level!

The first level of Boa is easy-peasy--just the jumpstart you need to be the hero that the land deserves!Just tap "play" on the level screen to get started destroying some shrubberies! You'll see the locked areas for powerups--no need to worry about those, we'll get to them later. For now, just worry about getting rid of those bricks!

It's easy enough, fans--just put your thumb in the lowest part of the screen. Either tap to shoot a ball off straightaway, or hold to aim your ball just right. The dotted line shows where the ball will go, so feel free to test bounces and strategize!

After you've aimed your ball, just focus on keeping it bouncing! Use your thumb to move your avatar around the screen, and make sure the ball hits the shield. As you play, you'll find that hitting the ball on different parts of the shield aims the ball in different directions--use this to your advantage! The longer you can keep that ball moving, the quicker it moves, and the faster you can take down those pesky plants!

Catch any stars that the destroyed bricks produce--they increase your final score! Grab as many as you can when succeed and take down that hedge. When you're finished, check out your final score and voila! You know how to play Brick Breaker Hero! Check out our other articles for info on specifics!

Did you purchase some balls or gems that never arrived? Read on to find out how to request a refund! Unfortunately, we don't have the ability to offer consumables so while we'll be happy to help you get your money back, we can't get you anything else!

iTunes Refund

To request a refund from iTunes, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit in your browser
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID and password
  3. Find the item that needs to be refunded, and click "report a problem" next to it.
  4. Follow the menu prompts, and submit.

Amazon Refund

Please contact Amazon customer service to request a refund. You'll need to send them an e-mail--the link is below!

Amazon Support:

Google Play

You can contact our Customer Support and request a refund, or you can contact Google Play Support.

Google Play Support:

Are you stuck on a level? Unsure of the best way to use a specific power? Check it out, fans--below are listed some of our best hints and tips! Many of these pop up in-game, but there are a few here that we've tested out ourselves--let us know if you can think of more to add!

Watch out for angry penguins in the icy levels! They're quite fowl!

The ball moves faster over time! Be prepared!

You can combine spells for awesome spell effects! Try fire ball and lightning ball and check out the light show!

Use slow field when you get a multi ball: it makes juggling the group of brick-breakers a breeze!

Use a meteor storm to hit a bunch of explosive barrels: it makes taking out a bunch of barriers easy!

Plan out your first bounce by using the dotted line: don't be afraid to bounce it off the walls!

The world of Brick Breaker Hero! is filled with special powers to aid your hero on his quest! Take a look below for explanations of the most common powers.

Explosive Barrel

You'll get this at level 9! When you use this boost, random explosive barrels are added to the map. When hit, these barrels explode and take out their neighbors--making your job much easier!

Extra Ball

Usually, only three balls are available per stage--but after level 14, you can add an extra to help you conquer the bricks!

Meteor Storm

After level 19, you can call upon the power of SPACE to bombard the level! It will damage random bricks in the level, missing chests, cages and any indestructible bricks, of course.


In-level after level 7, you can call upon the power of FLAMES to burn the bricks! A fireball deals double damage to everything it hits, only stopping when it finds a brick too powerful to immediately defeat. Toasty!

Lightning Ball

Level 16 allows you to harness the power of the SKY ITSELF. Lightning ball hits nearby bricks with a zap every few seconds, and occasionally hits multiple bricks in quick succession!

Magnet Paddle

How attractive! After level 23, you can use this power to grab the ball! Collect it and then relaunch it, all with the tap of your finger!

You can also loot powers from various crates in the world! Make sure to open all the chests you can to get a chance at one of these!


Triple your breaking ability! This spawns three balls that split from your shield in three different directions. How long can YOU keep them bouncing

Slow field

Are things moving a bit too fast for you? Spawn a field above the paddle, stretching from wall to wall and lasting for about ten seconds. Everything passing through the field is slowed down! You need more time to collect stars, or are your multi-balls difficult to juggle? This is the power for you!

Magic Missile

Collect this power to shoot two missiles up from your shield! They go straight up, dealing one damage to each brick. Hit an explosive barrel for extra fun!