Merge Zoo

Your first goal is to merge identical candies together to create even better candies. You can do this by dragging a candy on top of another candy with the exact same number.

Your second goal is to then feed those candies to animals!  Do this by feeding an animal, any candy that is the same number or higher than the animal’s number.

Have you merged all candies of the same number?  If so, sell your lowest candy by tapping and holding on to it, then dragging it to the sell bin.  Then buy a new candy; it’s probably a higher level! Also be sure to visit the candy shop to see if you can buy any candies there that match candies on your board.

More money can be earned by feeding your animals higher candies. You can even get an immediate burst of income by visiting the shop! Zookeepers are very helpful as well. Money increases even when the game is closed, so be sure to come back later!

This means an update or issue occurred with some animals that were downloaded by our game previously.  Please re-download if prompted and you will find your animals in your inventory, safe and sound.  You will just need to re-add them to your habitat again.  If you want to add them back quickly, clear all animals out from your habitat and click the “Add animals” button. The game will suggest to add the animals that give you the highest profits.

You can either buy more space by tapping the green arrow on the right side of your animal collection screen, or donate any of your animals that aren’t currently in a habitat. Be careful to only donate animals you don't want or need! These will give you more space for new animals.

Eggs are how you can earn new animals! You can hatch an egg by dragging it onto an open nest in a habitat and tapping to start hatching. Hatching takes time, but it's worth it!

You'll earn new eggs by completing special egg quests, watch out for them to appear!

Quests are easy ways to gain experience, eggs, and other rewards.  Complete these to also increase your zoo level quickly.  Quests can be seen beneath your current level, experience, and currency earned across the top of the game screen. 

Animals are hatched from eggs, won from the Animal Wheel, are purchasable from the shop, and gained by evolving your existing animals!

The first time you open your game each day, you’ll get a new reward. Just open the game to earn it!

Hybrid animals are rare and special animals that mix two of your previously earned animals to make a brand new animal! You have a chance to create a hybrid animal by hatching hybrid eggs, so good luck! Hatching any egg earns you progress towards your next hybrid egg, or you can also buy them occasionally through the shop!

Animal sets are groups of like animals that, when you've collected them all, will earn you a unique epic or legendary animal! Each new animal you find can be claimed for special rewards, as well. Work towards trying to find the special animals you want and complete every set!

Zookeepers are the best way to increase how much money your zoo can earn! The more you get, the stronger they become.  Once you have enough copies of a zookeeper, just use your badges to level up them up to make them even better!

To get more zookeepers and badges, the fastest way is to open crates that are available shop.

Donate an animal by tapping an animal in the inventory screen then by tapping the menu button to the right of your evolve button.  Having problems donating? Ensure that your animal is not currently in any habitat and you don’t have it favorited.  We don’t want you to accidentally get rid of an animal you like!

You’ll earn special treats which can be used to evolve your favorite animals into an even rarer animal which can give you even more money.

Each animal has specific treats they enjoy which make them evolve. You can find out which animals can give you these treats by tapping the “i” info button on an animals’ information screen. You can earn treats by hatching new animals, donating old animals, or buying them from the shop. Once you have enough treats, just tap the evolve button at the bottom of that animal’s information screen!

Simply tap and drag an animal on top of another animal to swap places.  

Alternatively, tap the animal, then tap the far left right icon to move it to a temporary nest.  Then just scroll to your desired habitat then drag your animal where you want.  If you ever don’t want an animal in a habitat, choose “Move to inventory”.  

You can also move any animal from your collection by selecting your animal then choosing “Move” from the menu on the right.