Shark Tank Tycoon

Your goal is to invest in new businesses and increase your profits as much as possible. You achieve this by upgrading your highest businesses, unlocking and earning new entrepreneurs from briefcases, and leveling up your entrepreneurs.
Businesses can be upgraded when you have enough of these three currencies: Employees, Previous Business Currency(i.e Val’s Vegan Hotdogs or Luxury Honey), and City Currency(i.e Dollars). You can tell a business can be upgraded when the business upgrade button is GREEN. If the button is GREY, this means you cannot afford the upgrade and are missing one or more of the currency requirements. You can see which currency(s) you are missing by tapping the GREY business upgrade button. “Not Enough Currency” will display and highlight the missing resources in RED.
Newer businesses make a truckload of money! When the truck arrives at the older business, it automatically upgrades the older business. You can see how many upgrades it makes by looking at the number next to the truck icon. Automate your businesses to make them send trucks automatically!
You can get more of the businesses in two ways: 1) Press the Upgrade button on the previous business. 2) Press the Produce button (the button with the truck) on the business above it to send a truckload of upgrades to your lower business.
When you upgrade a business, you are spending three currencies (Employees, Previous Business Currency, and City Currency) to purchase more currency for the specific business you are upgrading.
Collecting resources from a higher business can either be done manually by pressing the resource Icon above the business when the meter is full or by upgrading and automating your entrepreneurs to do it for you. The higher the entrepreneur’s level, the faster they will collect and send resources to your businesses. Automated Entrepreneurs will also collect and send the currency even when you are away from the game!
Employees are earned every second, starting at a rate of one employee per second. You even earn employees while away from the game! As you progress through the game, you can increase your employees per second by reaching profit goals. You can multiply how many employees you get per profit goal by promoting certain Entrepreneurs that boost your employees earned per second. You can hire more employees by accessing the Investment Profit Goals Screen (second button to the left on the bottom of the screen) Here, you can trade your city currency to increase your employees per second.
Business Speed Entrepreneurs collect and send their business currency to the previous business. Promote these advisors at least 1 time to make them permanently automate their business. This automation even happens when you are away from the game! All other Entrepreneurs multiply a certain aspect of your businesses, such as increasing the chance for a critical hit on a specific map or reducing the cost of all upgrades on a specific map. There are even legendary advisors that multiply the power of every business in the game! Promote your Entrepreneurs to multiply the strength of their abilities.
Entrepreneurs can be promoted when you have enough of these two currencies: Shark Coins and Duplicate Entrepreneur Cards. Shark Coins can be earned in multiple ways: Opening briefcases, completing quests, or by upgrading your businesses. You can tell if a business is about to earn more Shark Coins by the progress of the blue bar on the business. Duplicate Entrepreneur Cards can be earned by opening briefcases or purchasing them in the shop. When you have enough of both currencies to promote an entrepreneur, the advisor portrait next to the business will glow and have a fire outline around it. You can tap the portrait and promote the Entrepreneur on the Business Information Screen. You can also promote entrepreneurs via the Entrepreneur Collection Screen (middle button at the bottom of the screen). When in the Entrepreneur screen, you call tell which Entrepreneurs are available to promote when they have a full meter and a bouncing up arrow next to it. Business Speed Entrepreneurs are promoted automatically from Level 1 to Level 2 when enough Duplicate Entrepreneurs Cards are earned when opening a briefcase. You can tell an Entrepreneur has been automated when they have an “Auto Icon” on their advisor information screen.
You can rank up and travel to a new city when you have completed all the required quests for your current level. You can determine the number of quests you need to complete and what the quests are at the top of the screen on the Main Map Screen. The purple bar indicates the number of quests needed to rank up. The active quests are located right underneath this purple bar. You can have up to three active quests at one time. When you have completed all the required quests, the purple bar will change to a gold button and prompt you to travel to a new city. You can still complete remaining quests to earn their rewards after reaching the minimum quest completions required to rank up.
When you rank up you move to a new city to build franchises of your businesses in that new city. You’ll bring your Entrepreneurs and Shark Coins with you so that your new city will be more powerful than your old city.
You collect Shark Coins from briefcases and from leveling up your businesses.
Turn on your 2x Profit boost to multiply the profit of all your businesses in the game! Just Go to the profit boost screen (far left button on the bottom of the screen) and hit the Watch button to add several hours to your profit boost. You can have up to 12 hours of profit boost. It works even while you are not playing the game!
There is a new event every week. Tap on the event button (second button from the right) on the bottom HUD to view this week’s event. Each event is a themed world of businesses for you to invest in. Complete quests and rank up to win rewards that you will use in the main game world. You can even win special Event Entrepreneurs that are only available in events. Each event lasts for a few days, so invest as much as you can before time runs out! You play an event just like playing in the main game. Upgrade your businesses, collect Entrepreneurs, and promote them and complete quests. When you rank up in an event, you do not move to a new city and you keep all your progress in your current city. Go as far as you can and win as many rewards as possible to multiply your progress in the main game!
You enter the Settings screen by tapping on your rank in the top left corner of the screen. To change your language tap on the button in the top right corner of the Settings screen. It should say the name of the language the game is currently set to. If you are in an event, first tap the Rank icon, then tap the cog button on the right side of the event rank icon to open the Settings screen.
If you need help with something or have encountered a bug, please tap the Get Help button located in the settings screen and send us a help request. Please describe the problem in as much detail as possible before sending us the report.