Taps to Riches

Taps To Riches has many Achievements to earn while playing the game! Completing Achievements in Taps To Riches will get you some sweet, sweet Gems!

Tap the Menu button and then Tap the Achievements Button! From here you can see a list of all the Achievements that you have earned and currently working on. Each Achievement has a max level of 5 Stars, which each level awarding it's own Gem award!


When you have completed all 5 levels of an Achievement, you will see it in the list grayed out with the word Complete next to it!

Please feel free to contact us via the Send Us Feedback button found by tapping the Gear icon in the menu!

In Taps To Riches, there are Advisors that can be earned through spinning the Advisor Wheel. Here is a screenshot in game of where you can spin for the Advisors.

Advisors can also be purchased in the shop. Each day will have a new set of Advisors available for purchase. Included is a screenshot of the Shop showing Advisors that are available for purchase.

A total of Three Advisors can be equipped to help you in game. Advisors can increase the speed at which a business matures, increase the effectiveness of Bizbots, decrease the costs of upgrading specific businesses, and much more!

The colored border around the Advisor portrait indicate their rarity with a Grey Border being the most common Advisor to Orange being the most rare Advisors. The rarer the Advisor, the more powerful they are!

Collecting the same Advisor over and over again is also not a bad strategy! Advisors can be upgraded by doing this very thing. When upgrading an Advisor through collecting or purchasing an Advisor you already own, the Advisor's ability is increased as well as their passive bonus of increasing your profits that are generated.

Advisor abilities do stack, so pay attention to what each advisor does in order to find the best synergy for you! On the map, businesses affected by particular advisors will have a white Advisor icon within the Maturation Bar (Business Progress Bar). Underneath the icon of the Business is a grey Business Type icon. Tapping this grey icon will show a small menu with the name of the Business, the portraits of the Advisors that are affecting this business, and how the Advisors are affecting the business. Check this screenshot for additional details.

As always, if you have any questions about Advisors or Taps To Riches in general, please hit the Send Us Feedback button in the Settings Menu and let us know!

In Taps To Riches, not only can you earn profit, Gems, and Advisors, but you can also get some helpful little buddies called Bizbots!

Bizbots are a way to plan for the future and can help you reach the new locations faster than before! In order to use them, you will have to spend all of your profits as well as sell all of your businesses. Gems, Advisors, Boosts, and Multipliers will remain after you spend all profits and sell all businesses. When you are ready to activate Bizbots, the Activate Bizbots button will be tappable like so:

Tapping the Activate Bizbots button will bring you to this screen, explaining what will happen once you activate them:

the Bizbots without trading in profits and businesses if you have a Free Bizbot Activation Token or the Gems needed to Activate Bizbots without trading.

Bizbots add a profit bonus to all businesses, as well as unlock the ability to purchase powerful upgrades. Each upgrade will only help accelerate your journey to setting up shop in a new area!

If you have any questions, please tap the Send Us Feedback button after tapping the Gear Icon from the Menu.


Taps To Riches has Business Bonuses that will occur in game to help increase your profits in one way or another. When you see the Business Bonus tag in the upper left-hand corner, tap it to see what you will get!

After tapping the Business Bonus tag, a pop-up menu will appear with the Bonus that you are going to earn as well as a chance to Double the reward displayed by watching a short video.

You can see a timer and a brief description of the Business Bonus once it is earned.

If you have any questions, please hit that Send Us Feedback button after tapping the Gear icon in the Menu screen.

Taps To Riches includes a cloud save feature available via Facebook login. Tap the Menu button and then tap the Gear icon to get to the Settings Menu.

At the Settings Menu, you will see a button for Facebook. Please tap this to start the login process for Facebook.

Just a side note: tapping the Save button will prompt you to log into Facebook if you haven't connected your account already. Once you've linked your Facebook account to Taps To Riches and have any previously saved data, tapping the Save button will result in the following menu:

Tapping "Yes" will overwrite any previously saved progress.

Once the data is saved to the cloud, you can load it back to the same device or to a new device, provided that you have logged into Facebook on the new device. This works across platforms (ex. Android to iOS) as long as the version numbers for Taps To Riches is the same on both devices. Loading game data from the cloud will result in this menu:

If you have any further questions, please visit the menu and tap the Send Us Feedback button from the Settings menu so we can help you further!

Taps To Riches has Crates in game, which will have a variety of rewards like Gems, Free Profit Boost Tokens, Free Advisor Spin Wheel tokens, and so on. Aside from the Daily Quests, each consecutive day will have a Crate available for you to open. Play for seven consecutive days and open that Gold Crate for the best rewards!

You can also unlock Crates by earning Keys in game. Keys can be earned by tapping or by requesting your Facebook friends to send you keys! When you get a Key, you can sometimes see this pop up menu:

Tapping the View Crates button will bring you to the Reward Crates menu. You can request and send keys from and to your Facebook friends here.

Please remember the Key Receiving Process:

1. Send Request for Keys

2. Friend downloads and installs Taps To Riches and then checks their Reward Crates menu for Key requests.

3. Friend Sends Key

4. You check Reward Crates menu for Keys and accept the Key.

When you unlock one of the three crates, you will see a dialog that shows that the crate is opening and the reward that you have earned from opening the crate!

If you have questions or concerns, please hit the Send Us Feedback button after tapping the Gear icon in the Menu.


Daily Quests in Taps To Riches are missions that allow you to earn some Gems, Extra Cash, a Free Advisor Wheel spin, and more!

Three Daily Quests are available for you to complete each day. You can check on the information about these quests (requirements and progress) by visiting the Menu and tapping on the Daily Quests button.

You can complete quests without fulfilling the requirement by either paying Gems or by using a Free Quest Token!

Once you have completed all three quests, you will be able to unlock a crate that will have your reward inside!

There is a New Quests timer at the top of the screen when you are in the Daily Quests menu. It tells you when the current quests (completed or not) will be switched out with new quests. If you do not complete a quest by the end of that timer, you will lose progress on it once the new quests become available. If you don't complete all three quests by the end of the New Quests timer, the reward that you were working toward is also lost!

If you have any questions or concerns, visit the menu and tap that Send Us Feedback button and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Included in Taps To Riches are opportunities to earn some Free Gems by completing offers provided by TapJoy!

As long as you have an active and strong internet connection on your device, please go to the Menu and tap on the Free Gems button to get to the OfferWall. From here, you can select an offer to complete and earn the associated Gem amount.

Once you've selected and completed the offer, you will be given a chance to visit the Gem Vault to collect your reward!

Tap the Reward Vault to claim the reward from the Offerwall. Once this is done, you'll receive a notification similar to the following:

That's it! However, if you do run into trouble with getting the Gems from a completed offer, go back to Free Gems and tap the Missing Gems link in the bottom right-hand corner. It will bring you to the following screen:

Taps To Riches has a feature called Profit Boost that can help accelerate your progress in game! You can find this feature by looking at the top right hand corner of your map. Remember: Profit Boost is different and separate from the Profit Multiplier. The Profit Multiplier is permanent and can only be purchased within the Shop.

Once you tap on it, a pop up menu will appear. You can either purchase a Profit Boost with Gems or if you have any Free Profit Boost Tokens, you can use them here instead.

Once active, the menu will look like this:

When you return to the Map, you will see a timer in the upper right hand corner that indicates how much time is left on the Profit Boost.