Bradley Lerner

Director of People Operations

Back in the time-shrouded past of 2012, Bradley found himself in dire straits. In a world where he lived amidst a land filled with decadent palaces devoted to gambling, performance entertainment, winding rivers, lush parks, snow capped mountains, and one of the most disgustingly clear, blue lakes mankind has ever had the misfortune to colonize, he knew he had to get out. Luckily, word came of opportunity to join the video gaming industry. Leaving behind the wretched hive of scum and villainy called Reno, he set out for the sun-kissed climate of Dallas.

Hired on as a Quality Assurance tester, Bradley found himself working long, backbreaking hours in the Game Circus mines, digging through game-veins to make them as bug-free as a stagnant lake in the summer. He would grow hardy from the fumes of computers overworked into the wee hours of the morn: hardy enough to rise first to Test Lead and finally to Manager. Now, he sits upon a gnarled throne of dust and bone.

Now lording over those he calls his “QA cretins,” he expresses his love with sarcasm, derision, iron-fisted leadership, and rarely, it’s whispered… a begrudged smile.