Donnie Thompson

Chief Executive Officer

Donnie earned his stripes at Ensemble Studios, Bonfire Studios and most recently, Zynga. He was hired out of college as a high-level “Age of Empires” player by Ensemble, and Donnie’s obsession with systems and balance eventually lead to a systems design position. There, he helped  build “Halo Wars.” After Ensemble closed its doors, Donnie joined Bonfire Studios, working on several titles, including “We Farm.” After Bonfire’s acquisition by Zynga, Donnie worked on “Castleville” from concept to completion, and eventually helped lead the team, setting record user and revenue numbers.

After joining the Game Circus team, Donnie helped to focus the culture on higher-quality development practices. Five months after being hired on, he helped spearhead the release of “4 Pics 1 Song,” which quickly became the #1 App in the US iTunes store, with over 10 million downloads.