Rich Albon

Art Director

Having departed high school some twenty-six years ago, Rich enjoyed a year or so of portfolio work and general bone-idleness. It was a good time. Ushered by parents with good intentions, he was ‘encouraged’ to get a job that would get him out of the family home. After a few months of applications to the few games companies that existed in the UK in the mid 1990s, Rich was hired as a concept artist at his first studio on an odd Nintendo first party game called ‘Glover’. Twenty-years later, having worked as concept, senior concept, lead artist, production designer, art director and studio art director, Rich is now Game Circus’ art director.

Since 1995, Rich has worked across three continents (Europe, Australasia (twice) and North America (twice), from art director of BioShock 2, XCom, Elite: Dangerous (in pre-vis), Roller Coaster Tycoon, Crash Bandicoot and a handful of mobile titles to production designer/matte painter on Iron Maiden’s music video ‘The Final Frontier’, BBC TV shows like Spooks, Outcasts and multiple science documentaries, to art director on two children’s animated TV pilots (Neverspace and Forrester 5), he has been fortunate to have worked on exciting projects with great people. The long and the short of it is: likes art, likes art direction and does it as a job.

He loves gaming too and to be honest, if he couldn’t work in the video game industry, having no other career skills, he would serve no function in society. He is also quite, quite English.